Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation supports the work of conservation partners by
actively helping them in the field and by putting donors in direct contact with our partners.  
Their continued success is SWCCF's success.

Andean cat conservation and monitoring centers in Chile - A permanent presence
must be established in the Andes to undertake conservation efforts on behalf of the most
threatened cat in the Americas (the only IUCN Red List Endangered cat in the Americas).

Scottish Wildcat Project in Scotland - Feral cats are live-trapped and neutered to
prevent hydridization with the 400-1200 remaining Scottish wildcats.

Pallas' cat project in Russia - Determining the geographic distribution and threats to
this unique and interesting small wild cat.

Fishing cat project in Thailand - Local people kill this IUCN Red List Endangered cat
for robbing chickens.

Guigna and Darwin's fox conservation and monitoring center in Chile - A permanent
center on Chiloe Island, Chile is needed to address threats to Guignas (Vulnerable) and
Darwin's fox (Critically Endangered).