The Flat-headed cat is considered ENDANGERED.
The Flat-headed cat is the most aquatic of the cats, more aquatic than the Fishing cat. The
Flat-headed cat occurs in Malaysia, Sumatra, and Borneo.  The cat is a lowland aquatic specialist
feeding mainly on frogs and fish.  Despite tens of thousands of camera trap photographs taken
throughout Sumatra only two individual Flat-headed cats have ever been photographed. No
wonder it is Endangered.

SWCCF seeks support to survey for high value conservation areas throughout the geographic
range of the Flat-headed cat.  Jim Sanderson believes that the Flat-headed cat is in grave danger
of slipping away and is on the doorstep of being uplisted by the IUCN Cat Specialist Group to
Critically Endangered.  Captive breeding programs are necessary.  High value conservation areas
must be found.  This project is urgent.