Why is the Andean cat special?

The Andean cat is the most threatened cat in the Americas and
is listed as Endangered by the IUCN Cat Specialist Group.  The
cat occurs in the high Andes of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and
Peru but only where there is water to support its prey.  

We are now creating the first Andean cat conservation and
monitoring center.  This center will be located in San Pedro de
Atacama, Chile.  
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The altiplano above 3800m
Jim's picture of the Andean
cat in the February 2000
issue of National Geographic
Education of the school children
Jim and the Andean cat
First capture of the Andean cat, Bolivia 2004.
Constanza Napolitano, Lilian Viallalba, Eliseo del
Gado. Jim is on the far right with gato andino.
The Andean cat is the
most beautiful cat on
earth.  SCCA seeks to
establish a long-term
monitoring program in
two high conservation
value areas.
Andean Cat Project
South America