The Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation is a federal tax exempt not-for-profit
charity (ID 26-1368021) founded in 1996 to address the conservation needs of small
wild cats worldwide.   SWCCF has two parts:
Small Cat Conservation Alliance
(SCCA) that supports current conservation efforts and
Small Wild Cat Conservation
Endowment Fund
, a permanent endowment fund. 2011 federal tax forms are here.

To support small wild cat conservation efforts globally send your tax-deductable
donation to:
                      The Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation
                      1510 S Bascom Ave Apt 7
                      Campbell, CA 95008-0618

mission of the Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation is to ensure the survival
of small wild cats and their natural habitats worldwide. This
mission is achieved by
working with local partners around the world to identify and mitigate threats to the
world's small wild cats.

SWCCF and its partners thank the organizations and foundations below for their
support of small cat conservation.  SWCCF's Founder and Director, Jim Sanderson,
receives no salary. Total overhead expenses are less than $2500.

Jim's book
Small Wild Cats: The Animal Answer Guide is
available. Get yours
here .